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How to adjust the height of the floor spring door sagging

Issuing time:2023-06-19 11:32

Nowadays, many buildings use glass floor spring doors, and the reason why glass floor spring doors can be opened and closed is because there is a floor spring at the bottom of it, which can be used to control the rotation of the door. By adjusting, it is also possible to control the speed and height of the glass door. What should I do if I encounter a sagging floor spring door during adjustment? What aspects should be noted when adjusting?

1、 How to adjust the height of the floor spring door droop

1. Firstly, you need to open a lid on the ground spring, and then you can see that there are screws distributed in all four corners.

2. By adjusting the screw, you can adjust the height up and down. You can rotate the screw and if you want to adjust the height, just loosen it a bit.

3. If the two doors are not neat, you can tighten the third screw a bit and then loosen the fifth screw a bit. When adjusting, check if the height is suitable. If it is adjusted to a more suitable height, fix it down.

2、 What aspects need to be noted when adjusting

1. There is a shaft on the floor spring door, which is the support point. When installing, it should be firmly secured.

2. If you want to adjust the height, make sure that the upper axis and the lower door axis are at the same vertical angle, in order to avoid uneven up and down of the door.

3. After the adjustment is completed, it should be fixed and connected with screws to prevent detachment and prevent potential safety hazards. If you find that the upper and lower axes are not vertical, you need to adjust them immediately.

4. When adjusting, it is necessary to prepare complete tools, such as a wrench, screwdriver, and so on.

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