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Manufacturers of floor springs share methods for dismantling floor spring doors

Issuing time:2023-06-19 11:30

The manufacturer of the floor spring shares the method of dismantling the floor spring door:

1. The removal method of the floor spring door is very simple. First, we step on the cover plate of the door with one foot, and then slowly move the top of the door to discover a hole where there is a screw that can loosen the screwdriver. Next, we need to pad the bottom edge of the door leaf with carpets and other items, and then slowly loosen the screws in the holes. Usually, the spring door can detach after the screw is exposed outside the hole. Next, we only need to tilt the door leaf upwards to lift it out and move it to the position where it was placed, so that the disassembly of the spring door is completed.

2. The floor spring door is prone to some malfunctions: the glass door is not aligned when closed, and the floor spring is not closed. The floor spring in your picture indicates the speed of adjustment. To align, you need to adjust the door clamp. There are hexagonal screws when opening the decorative cover, and you can adjust the left and right to see that the two doors are not on the same plane.

3. The floor spring needs to be replaced in a timely manner. The price of the floor spring itself also includes a portion of labor costs, as labor is very expensive now. If you use a regular ground spring, it is usually around 150, but with labor costs, it is usually around 80. The specific price should be discussed with the master based on the actual situation.

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